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€250bn potential in EU digital market

A single digital market encompassing the whole EU has potential to add up to €250bn to GDP and create hundreds of thousands of jobs over the coming years.

The Cybersecurity & Privacy Innovation Forum played host to more than 500 Irish and European business leaders, academics and industry leaders in Brussels yesterday — all of whom heard that trust and security would be the cornerstones of any such arrangement.

“Millions of EU citizens increasingly rely on the internet for services, as the digital world remains vulnerable.

“Technical failures and malicious attacks occur at alarming intervals and failure to respond to these incidents will mean consumers losing confidence in the digital world; businesses losing money and even more national security being at stake,” Jakub Boratynski of the European Commission’s DGConnect said.

For the single digital market to become a reality, citizens need to be able to trust the systems underpinning the digital world they increasingly inhabit, Mr Boratynski said in Brussels.

Over the past nine years, €360m in EU funds has been invested in security and privacy research innovation, the conference organised by the European Commission in conjunction with Waterford IT’s Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) heard.

Among the most significant projects by the EU-funded Security and Trust Coordination and Enhanced Collaboration (SecCord), highlighted yesterday was a €7.7m advanced cyber security defence centre which acts as an online service for EU citizens which informs them of cyber threats.

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