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Q&A: Can I receive financial gifts while on welfare?

I am in receipt of the one-parent family payment. I am in the final year of my master’s studies and I am entitled to payment for a further 12 months or so. I am wondering if I am entitled to receive financial gifts from my parents while on a welfare payment? I am over 25.
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The one-parent family payment is a means-tested payment. That means any cash income you receive will be taken into account in determining your eligibility for the one-parent family payment.
However, if the gift is by way of savings or investment, a different regime applies.

Essentially, the first €20,000 of any savings are deemed to be delivering zero weekly income. The next €10,000 of savings is considered to be yielding weekly income of €1 per €1,000. That jumps to €2 per €1,000 for the next €10,000 and €4 per €1,000 for anything above that figure.

So, for you, the important thing is how your family makes the gifts. If it is straight cash, you run the risk of losing your entitlement; however, if the gift is presented by way of savings or an investment, the rules above apply and you stand a good chance of retaining your one-parent family payment.

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